What is Innovation

Innovation comes in many forms, from the unmissable, to the miniscule, and everything in-between.

Putting your bank in the palm of your hand was a huge innovation, as was combining the camera with the cell phone. But so was the Black-Eye’d Peas’ remix of Jack Johnson’s “Gone Going Gone”.  And an app that allows your waiter to tap your order on an iPod while standing at your table.

Innovation is the process of getting something new from idea to reality. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering to make a huge difference, but it should make a difference where it matters most – to your customer. Your customer will notice an innovation when it enriches their experience, or takes away some of the irritation they have to go through.  Can everyone in an organisation be part of Innovation? Definitely! The best innovations come from listening to the customer, and the people who know best what the customers want are the ones who deal with them every day. Yes – that’s you!


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