Life, Business & Coffee #23: Leadership, BBG and Recovering


I bumped into a number of people during the last two weeks, and all of them mentioned that I’ve been noticeable by the absence of my newsletter, so here, one last time before the end of 2017, is the last Life, Business and Coffee for 2017, and it contains some great money saving offers at the end, just for you.

I hope this finds you well.

“The superior leader gets things done with very little motion. He imparts instruction not through many words but through a few deeds. He keeps informed about everything but interferes hardly at all. 
He is a catalyst, and though things would not get done well if he weren’t’t there, when they succeed he takes no credit. And because he takes no credit, credit never leaves him.“ — Lao Tse, Tao Te Ching

I love this quote about leadership. It’s one of my favourites. The face of leadership is changing to one of kindness and respect, and is fast moving away from dictatorship and hard-nosed results-driven trench-style do-what-I say-or-else.  People automatically resist being told what to do, and rather respond to people who connect with their emotions and inner passions. Leadership is no longer about thinking “how can I get people to do I want them to do” but rather “how can I connect with my people”. In establishing a genuine connection based on respect and trust, the leader creates a platform from which to drive willing performance of their team by drawing on the best abilities hidden in each one of them.

Earlier this year I lectured a course in Entrepreneurship for a group of keen, young startups, and I presented a number of different quotes on what it means to be a leader.  We debated the merits of leadership in the small organization. In my experience, strong, visionary leadership is needed in every SME, right from day 1, but too few entrepreneurs recognize that they need to develop this skill. Instead they focus on the idea, developing the concept, convincing investors to sink money into it, and ultimately, when the transition from the high-energy entrepreneur to the leader of the new organization is required, the unskilled entrepreneur crashes and burns. Sadly, leadership is a skill which should be developed from an early age, and all the way through one’s career.

Ok, so I’m rambling on now, and I know everyone prefers when I talk from the hip, which for most of you, would hit you straight in the knee-cap.  There’s a little humour, if you were paying attention.

This year I had to start learning to be more of a leader and less technical, hence the little intro on leadership. I’ve had to stop trying to create and do and fix as I usually do without thinking, and rather focus on designing a future for Imagin8, and letting my team do the exciting and challenging work.  In doing so, I think I’ve achieved more this year than in the last 10.  Take a look at Imagin8’s website and you’ll see just how much my organsiation has changed in one year alone, and this is just setting the foundation for the explosion in growth that we’re expecting in 2018.

So just what did I do this year that was so monumental?  When I began to draw effectively on the creative abilities of my team, I was able to hand over almost all of the operational and technical activities, and release the most valuable skill I add to Imagin8 – creativity and visionary leadership. In one year we introduced 8 new products, including the eValue8 Mobile App. I reinvented Imagin8’s core business, changed its risk profile, and expanded its market potential. Imagin8 forged relationships with some powerhouse channel partners and suppliers. It’s a completely different entity to what it was at the start of the year.  I also spent some time as the morning show co-host for a local radio station, Chai FM, and moved to the afternoon show for a few weeks. I’ve designed a new platform for SME’s to plan and execute strategy, which we’ll be launching in 2018, as well as a completely new way to publish and read non-fiction, also launching next year.  I’ll be releasing my new book, “How to Create, Manage, Fix and Grow Your Business” on this electronic platform and in paperback in early 2018.

So take a little time and re-examine your own leadership capabilities. If you’re not using them effectively, you’re limiting what you can achieve, both for yourself and for your organization.

Imagin8 is Building Businesses


Earlier this year, Imagin8 became a key Strategic Alliance Partner to Australian founded Business Builders Group (BBG), a business network aimed at growing SME’s.  Unlike any networking group I’ve ever encountered, BBG’s structured approach to hosting networking events yields results because it invites people who are passionate about helping others and contributing to the growth of other non-competing businesses. Each BBG session, held once a month, follows a proven methodology to help those present to grow by learning and collaborating.

On the 22nd November this year, BBG held its first Jo’burg Forum at GIBS where people experienced first-hand the power a well structured networking event and how this results in personal growth and improved business performance. There are already member businesses capitalizing on new opportunities that arose out of this session.

So if your business has a positive cash flow, and you have a desire and a passion to grow SME’s in SA, please reach out and get in touch with me.  There’s a BBG chapter opening in your area soon, and you’re invited to be a part of this highly effective business networking group.

The next event in Jo’burg is Wednesday 24th January 2018. Inbox me if you want to be part of the next forum.

New and Just for You

If you own an iPhone, download the new eValue8 mobile app, and take it for a test drive.  We’ve launched version 1, the Beta version, which allows you to take control of the things you own. Use the eValue8 Mobile App to:

  • Keep an inventory of all your assets, together with proof of purchase, warranty information, and images for proof of ownership
  • Manage your motor vehicles – eValue8 will update the value of your vehicles monthly
  • Manage your assets – eValue8 will update the values of not only your motor vehicles, but just about everything else you own
  • Renew your car license via the eValue8 app and have it delivered to your door
  • Send your list of assets, including serial numbers and latest values, to your insurance broker. You can even load new assets at the point of purchase, and send them to your broker.

Give it a go. There are 4 pricing packages to suit including a free option, so you can try the eValue8 app at zero cost and no risk.


I don’t mean the hang-over type, but I do mean a redesign of all my Fiction titles’ covers. I’ve been working with the most amazing artist and will be re-launching all my works under the pseudonym of Adam Alexander in the new year.  I hate to keep you in suspense, but you’ll only get an eyeful of these awesome artworks in January 2018.  Over December, I’m hoping to finish the third in the Porter’s Rule series.

If you haven’t read any of my novels there’s still time, and some stock with the original covers going for a song.

  • R400 gets you Porter’s Rule books 1 and 2 – that’s  a saving of R50. Order here.
  • R200 buys you the laugh a minute Garage Band, which was a runner up in the Best Indie Book of the Year competition 2016 (You save R30). Order here.
  • And R150 gets you Lost Soul – Immortality, the urban fantasy novel for young adults and fantasy lovers.  (You save R49). Order here.

And here’s the closing Big Deal of 2017– R600 buys you all 4 books, signed by the author, and delivered free in SA. That’s a saving big enough to buy a bottle of water in Cape Town (Over R200 of saving right there).   So save money, and order now.

These offers expire 22nd December 2017.

Happy 2018.  I wish you everything of the best over the festive season.





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