Life, Business & Coffee #22 : New Releases and lots about Value

A lot of people have asked me what happened to my newsletter, as there hasn’t been one for a while. Truth is I’ve been writing a lot, but just not the newsletter. So this edition is a bit of a catch up. I hope you enjoy the brief update.

Imagin8 has gone through some significant changes and I’ve been rewriting our management systems over the last 8 months. You know my mantra in business is all about efficiency, growth and delivering customer value. The last 8 months was no exception. Next, our focus will be driving growth through delivering exceptional customer value.

Customer value is a fascinating topic, and I could go for hours talking about this. We often forget why we’re in business. A new product or service was once of great value to your customer, but over time, what was value now becomes routine. What was once revolutionary now becomes ordinary. And very soon, the ordinary becomes redundant. Every organization must constantly re-examine its value proposition to its customers. Taking this down to a level you and I can relate: Every individual in an organization must constantly re-evaluate the value they add to the organization. Your role may once have been of great value to an organization. Are you constantly looking at the value you’re adding to your organization to ensure you remain relevant? Sobering thought sometimes.

Imagin8 has finished work on two exciting new apps that we’ll be releasing soon. Till recently, Imagin8 has focused on specific business markets, but this month sees the release of our first Consumer app which is designed to help make your life easier. A lot easier.  It’s almost ready for release so stay tuned for news on this one – it will relieve you of a lot of headaches. Email me if you can’t wait.

Apart from completely rewriting 15 years of management systems in 8 months, I also did a short stint as the co-host on the Morning Mayhem show on Chai FM, weekdays from 6 to 9am. (People often ask me where I find the time). Although it was a lot of fun, I had to take a step back and focus on growing Imagin8. However, while on the show I stumbled upon something the audience loved, and I still record a short satirical clip for the show each day. You can listen to the short podcasts of On This Day In History (I call it On This Day in Hysterics) here, or you can listen to this clip if you want an editor’s choice.

I also recorded some short video clips for Entrepreneurs and startups with my good friend Nico Steyn at Intelilabs, one of which you can find here.

My fourth novel is in the final rounds of editing, and will be released in May/June. Porter’s Rule: Masters of the City is the sequel to Slave to the City, and follows the hard-headed now ex-detective Matt Porter in this new chapter. It’s 330 pages of non stop nail biting action. If you liked Jack Reacher by Lee Child, you’ll love this series. If you haven’t yet gotten hooked on Porter’s Rule, order your copy of Slave to the City (book 1 in the series) and pre-order Porter’s Rule: Masters of the City to get your copy hot off the press. Each title retails for R229, but you can save R50 now and order both books for R408. Email me to place your order.

I’ll be presenting and exhibiting at the Kingsmead book fair on May 13th, so if you’re in Jo’burg, and you #LovetoRead, come and say hello and pick up a signed copy of one of my books.

Let me leave you with this thought –

Patience pays off in the long run. Learn patience.

Till next time.


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