A few good men (and women) or #FeesMustComeFromSomewhere

I was going to call this 44 good men, like the movie, A Few Good Men, but this is for the good men and women out there.

I started mentoring a bright, young, ambitious entrepreneur at the end of last year, just as he finished writing matric. He came to me with an idea that I thought was viable, and I guided him through the first steps of getting this concept off the ground.

He messaged me excitedly when the matric results came out – 4 distinctions, and a university entrance. A few days later he was accepted into 4 universities.

Today he messaged me and I could just feel his disappointment. He can’t register for the B.Comm Accounting degree because his mom, a single mother, still has to settle his school fees, and they don’t have the money.

How easy would it be for 44 people to pledge as little as R150 a month to put this deserving kid through university. I’m in. That leaves 43 places to fill to give a child a university education and a future. If you’re in, message me. If you’re not, please forward this to 10 people you think might be.

This isn’t a scam. I’ll introduce you to the candidate, and send you his matric results. For the purposes of the mass email, I’m keeping his name confidential. I need 43 more good people by Tuesday 10th January. You’ll commit your support for one year, and if the kid gets great results you can choose to sponsor his second year.

If you’re in Jo’burg and want to offer vac work in business, accounting, or anything entrepreneurial, please le me know too.

** Since publishing this post on Saturday 7th January, enough funding has been raised to pay registration fees (paid on 12th Jan).  8 people have committed their support, and one more has interviewed the candidate for vac work in the accounting field. That leaves 36 places to fill.  Please circulate and share. I still need to raise the balance of the year’s fees plus text books. 

Thanks in advance


Adam Rabinowitz

email: adam@imagin8.co.za / adam.rabinowitz@icloud.com

Cell: 0824624468


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