Life, Business and Coffee #20: Closing the year with a bang

I’ve been absent from your desktop for a while, not because I haven’t wanted to be there, but I am what I write about – an active Entrepreneur – and in the past few months, Imagin8 has been incredibly busy. Too busy to allow me time to write, which means that it’s been way too busy. But that seems to have finally changed.

Earlier this year I consulted to a business owner whose life was pretty much what mine looked like over the past few months – too busy to do anything at all except work. I looked for ways he could carve out time in his business to focus on the business itself instead of trying to keep his head above water just doing what needed to be done.

Most small business owners fall into the trap of doing just that – spending all their time doing what must be done in order to keep the business going. Filling orders from customers, responding to customer queries, and if you’re not that lucky, dealing with mounting customer complaints. According to the eMyth, its usually a protracted repetition of this that causes business owners to burn out, drop the ball enough for customers to defect, and slowly watch their business crumble.

I’ve been practicing what I preach here, because in the past four months, I’ve had no shortage of operational issues to deal with, amidst some very severe internal changes. What I have managed to do successfully is to gradually carve out time to work on the business itself instead of merely responding reactively to customer’s needs. This has enabled me to build more robust systems that make the business operations easier to manage, and allow me to focus on growing the business instead of merely trying to keep my head above water trying to get the days’ work done each day.

If there’s too much to do in your business, there’s one place you need to look in order to carve out some time to allow you to become a more effective leader – the operational systems that run each business activity. If these aren’t well developed, optimized, and refined, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the reactive corner of your effectiveness grid. As you’re dealing with each issue for each customer, spend a little extra time refining the system that is meant to handle that service for the customer, and make it a little more efficient, more robust, and more reliable. With effective systems in place, you’ll find yourself spending less time dealing with operational issues and do-overs, and more time improving the business and acquiring more customers.

On another note, one of my novels, Garage Band, was awarded Runner Up in the Shelf-Unbound Best Independently Published Book of 2016. putting it in the top 200 out of over 1000 entries of the competition.  Garage Band was also awarded a 5-star rating by Reader’s Favorite.

This December, I’ll be editing my fourth novel (Book 2 in the Porter’s Rule series), and making some headway on my fifth (Book 3 in the Porter’s Rule series). So whether you’re a fan of comedy, suspense, action thrillers, or fantasy, there’s a book for you with my name on it, all of which are available at Exclusive Books, and online at  I’ve also been asked to finish my book for entrepreneurs – How to Create, Manage, Fix and Grow your Small Business. I’m hoping to release this in early 2017 too.

Have a great festive season, and take care if you’re traveling.

See you in the New Year.





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