A visit to my Almer Mater

This past week I’ve been sharing a lot about the power of vision. I’ve shared my story in previous newsletters, and I spoke on the Cliff Central show about the powerful part that vision has played in the growth of Imagin8, and my own personal achievements, but the most rewarding was to talk to a group of Matric boys from my old school, KIng Edward VII. 

The session was hosted after school, and was entirely voluntary, so I really expected a handful of boys to attend. But the room was packed full of young men at the threshold of a critical point in their lives. What they decide to do next year makes a huge impact on their lives. 

After the talk, A number of boys said that my story had inspired them, and some stayed afterwards to ask questions and chat. One or two emailed me about their hopes and dreams in the hours after the session, and some of their questions and comments inspired me.  


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