Newsletter #10: Passion in Business

I don’t know about you, but I’ve already had a great start to 2016.

During December I decided to enter Lost Soul into a screenplay competition, so I spent my December holidays learning about writing screenplays. The first thing I did on 1st January was to convert the last 10 pages of the novel to the screenplay. Now I have a 190-page screenplay to reduce to 120 pages. I’m learning from the best – JJ Abrahams (Alias, and Star Wars VII), as well as the writers of the Walking Dead.   They say “do something that scares you.” I feel well out of my comfort zone.

On  Monday (11th Jan), I represented University of Stellenbosch Executive Education as a guest on the Leadership Platform show on Cliff Central ( , talking about Passion in Business. (Catch the podcast here, fast forward the first 4 minutes of introductions). What a rare opportunity to be able to share some thoughts that will help SME’s and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.  I’ve been invited back on the show on the 8th and 15th Feb. ( for the live streaming, and podcasts of previous shows).

Imagin8 has just launched eValue8 – a nifty little tool to help you manage your assets.  If you own a car, you need eValue8.  Start with the free version today. What’s it worth to you? It’s live now, go on, take a look.

I’ve resumed the momentum on the second book in the Porter’s Rule series, so Matt Porter fans will get their second installment for Christmas.  If you’re not already a Matt Porter fan, get Slave to the City delivered to your door for R229 today, and get hooked. Email me your order.  This book has a 4.75 star rating on

And if that’s not enough, Garage Band is in final editing and will be released in April.  Garage Band is my third novel – a comedy/suspense that’s all about getting your own back.

What’s on the cards for your 2016?

Passion and Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are renowned for having bundles of energy, and passion.  But by the same token, entrepreneurs are equally notorious for being all over the place, chasing one idea after the next.

Knowing where to direct your passion is as critical as the passion itself in business.  Creative energy is needed to start a new venture, but once the business has passed the creation stage, and is running in operational mode, the entrepreneur can easily lose passion, as there is little scope for new ideas. The danger here is that the creative entrepreneur abandons the business in search of new creative avenues. This is where the entrepreneur’s passion needs to be redirected and refocused. There’s always scope for refining of your operational systems, and for working on product improvements. Find ways of improving the reliability of your delivery, and the consistency of your product by creating robust systems in your business.  Find out how your customers are using your product or service, and see where you can add features or functionality to add value.

One of the questions that was asked in the last part of the show was about where and how to continually generate passion in your business.  Here’s an idea I shared: Take yourself out of the office for one day a week. Not to play golf, but to relax your creative energy. While you’re out of the office, you’ll be wondering how to get the things you need done while you’re not there. Direct your passion and creative energy at solving that problem. How can you get your work done without having to be in the office?

Some tweets that came from the show:

  • Passion in organizations is a mirror of the passion of the founder
  • A vision with an action plan becomes a goal
  • Once an idea has been developed, the focus in on operations

Food for thought? I hope so.

Happy 2016! Welcome to the work week. I hope this year is HUGE!


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